Civa Terra
Conservation Planning

CivaTerra works with non-profits, local governments, and private firms to identify, evaluate, and conserve natural systems. CivaTerra and the Indian River Land Trust preformed an ecological assessment of Indian River County, Florida to help the Land Trust prioritize its conservation efforts. Data detailing wildlife habitat, surface water resources, vegetation, and ecological connectivity were analyzed and overlaid using GIS. This data-driven process resulted in a conservation infrastructure map that identifies areas with high conservation values, allowing the Land Trust to generate support for their mission and preserve the natural heritage of the county.

The Florida Scrub-jay is a threatened species endemic to Florida's scrub habitat. Unfortunately for the Scrub-jay, its scrub habitat is valued by humans for land development. Because of this, Florida's Scrub-jays and their habitat are diminishing. CivaTerra, in partnership with Ecospatial Analysts, utilized GIS to identify large areas of potential Scrub-jay habitat throughout the entire state of Florida. Maps and summary reports detailing the location, condition, ownership, and size of the potential Scrub-jay habitat were created and used to identify areas that may serve as future conservation and habitat mitigation areas.

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