Civa Terra
Greenways Planning

north indian river countyPlaces of lasting value provide multi-modal transportation opportunities to their residents and visitors. The ability to walk or bike to work, the store, a park, or school becomes increasingly important as traffic congestion, gas prices, and climate change negatively impact our quality of life. The Indian River County Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), recognizing the need to provide bicycle and pedestrian transportation options and connections between parks and natural areas, retained CivaTerra to prepare a greenway plan for northern Indian River County.

CivaTerra, working with Kimley-Horn and Alta Planning, identified areas for greenways and trails and developed a system to select and evaluate potential greenways. CivaTerra created a GIS database that contained information on existing bike and pedestrian facilities, park locations, schools, employment centers, and other community attributes. These data were used to map and identify transportation connections between communities, schools, parks, and natural areas. The final plan contained a prioritized greenways system based on public input that provides alternatives to motorized travel.

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