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Suitability Analysis

Eufaula, Alabama is a picturesque Southern town filled with history, culture, and natural beauty. The town is located along the Alabama–Georgia border and sits atop a bluff overlooking Lake Eufaula. Recognizing the need to protect the unique character of their town, the citizens of Eufuala engaged in a community planning process and created the Eufaula 2020 Strategic Plan.

The culmination of the 2020 Plan was the creation of a vision statement that captures Eufaula's ambitions of sustainability, inclusiveness, and historic preservation. The 2020 Plan also contains specific issues, goals, and objectives that implement Eufaula's vision.

CivaTerra, in cooperation with the Audubon Partnership, was retained by the City of Eufaula to assist in the implementation of their 2020 Strategic Plan. CivaTerra conducted a land-use suitability analysis using GIS for the 46,000 acres within the city limits.

CivaTerra developed a raster-based weighted overlay suitability model. Utility values were assigned to conducive and restrictive factors associated with development and conservation and processed in the suitability model. The final model output was a multiple-utility assignment surface depicting development suitability in Eufaula. The results of the suitability analysis were used to develop a SmartCode-based sector plan to promote conservation, urban infill, and development patterns that are compact, walkable and mixed use. The entire project was developed with community involvement and process and results modification occurred during public meetings.

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