Civa Terra
School Planning

additions to new schoolsCivaTerra endeavors to create places of lasting value and believes successful schools are critical components to the well-being and future of a community. CivaTerra works with school districts and local governments to analyze residential development activity and ensure our schools have the capacity to educate students both now and in the future. CivaTerra uses GIS technology to efficiently quantify spatial trends in student populations and residential development so that new school facilities are provided concurrent with the needs of our growing population.

CivaTerra was selected to participate in the State of Florida's School Concurrency Pilot Project effort. CivaTerra, in partnership with Kimley-Horn and Associates, prepared one of the state's first Public School Facilities Comprehensive Plan Elements for Indian River County. CivaTerra is also helping Brevard County, Florida implement school concurrency. In addition to school concurrency services, CivaTerra provides continuing planning services to school districts and assists in the development of Five-Year Work Plans, school redistricting, map production, and spatial data management.

CivaTerra utilizes GIS technology to pinpoint, or geocode, the homes of students. With this data CivaTerra is capable of producing student population projects and student multipliers. Student multipliers estimate the number of students that will attend school from new residential development and are used to plan for school construction and calculate impact fees. CivaTerra also produces school boundary maps and can assist school districts with their redistricting efforts.

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