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Land Development Planning

Liberty Hill Farms is a community of residential settlements located on 3,500 acres of forested land along Lake Wateree, South Carolina. Liberty Hill Farms is based on an ethic that respects the character of the land and fosters a sustainable legacy. The creation of a community in accord with its natural surroundings requires thoughtful planning and CivaTerra was retained by Greenwood Development Corporation to assist in this development planning process.

CivaTerra, in conjunction with RISINGER | DESIGN and Cox Consulting, conducted a field assessment of the property to identify and map the ecological and landscape attributes of the settlements. Following the field work, CivaTerra conducted a GIS analysis of the topography, slope, and environmental conditions of each settlement with three-dimensional LIDAR data, high resolution imagery, and environmental data.

Based on this analysis, Settlement Plans were created that identified intrinsically suitable areas on each site for development, conservation, and recreation. These Settlement Plans were the culmination of a detailed evaluation of the natural characteristics of each property and will allow the buyer and developer to create a community of lasting value.

Click here to view a copy of a Settlement Plan.

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